Entering school ready to learn
Reading at grade level by third grade
Graduating from high school ready for college and career
Completing post-secondary education or training
Successfully entering workforce
Reducing violence and providing a second chance

A Message from Mayor Hardie Davis Jr:

We as a community are responsible for the success of Augusta’s sons and daughters. This is our plan to employ a laser focused strategy on the success of our sons. As you know my son, Benjamin, my nephews and my godsons are near and dear to me. I pray for them, I serve for them and for the hope of their future in Augusta.

It is the steps we take today that will forever set the path for my son and your sons. Your sons matter to me and are an important part of Augusta's sustainability. It is imperative that we open doors for our boys and change the trajectory of those who are often left behind so all our sons can stand together and proudly say, “Failure is not an option for me.”

Thank you for being part of the village and committing to our children. They cannot make it without every one of us taking a stand for them. I am honored to stand with you as we act together to change the future for them in this city for the long term.